Stream Restorations

From time to time, local jurisdictions will undertake stream restorations to help an impaired stream. Stream restoration is an evolving and nuanced discipline. While restorations can be beneficial, experts often disagree on the best way to proceed so as to minimize unintended longterm consequences. It is important, therefore, that local jurisdictions be as transparent as possible as they weigh the options and allow scientists and concerned citizens to weigh in.

Our citizen-run organization advocates that any projects undertaken to improve the stream should:

Strawberry Run and Taylor Run Improvement Projects: Status Update

The City of Alexandria is pursuing stream restorations in two Holmes Run tributaries to address decades of stormwater damage that has impacted surrounding properties and infrastructure. Most recently, a city-appointed stakeholder group has proposed taking a minimalist approach using biodegradable wood structures rather than conventional Natural Channel Design methods, which can be more intrusive, especially at first. The scope of the project did not encompass improvements to upland stormwater mitigation. The work group report is scheduled to be presented to the City Council on June 13, 2023.

Example of armoring along a tributary of Holmes Run in Roundtree Park.