Backyard Stewardship

Improve the health of Holmes Run by changing the way you garden and landscape your property. Reap the many benefits of biodiverse landscaping practices:

Reduced Mowing 

...along streams or in open areas 

Native Landscaping

...ground cover, pollinator gardens, rain gardens, bioswales

Invasive Species Control

Breaks the chokehold on native plants...

Conservation Education

Any business that provides signage, public access, volunteer cleanups, native plant sales, a native garden, and/or native plant training for landscaping crews… 

For more information, see FoHR's presentation: Lazy Gardener's Guide to Protecting Home & Habitat

Got runaway runoff? Get help.

Do you have a drainage or erosion problem that needs addressing? Or a good site for a rain garden, but can’t afford one? The Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) provides financial assistance and free technical advice to property owners who wish to install watershed-friendly stormwater control practices on their land. The goal is to help reduce polluted runoff and sediment getting into storm drains and streams. The program has recently expanded, enabling more homeowners, businesses, HOAs, churches, pools or other property owners to qualify for up to 80 percent reimbursement for approved projects. Intrigued? Contact the Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District for more information and a free site visit!